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Building on the foundation of pharmacy driven solutions, the WinScan Pharmacy POS strives to integrate front-end sales and pharmacy operations. With an intuitive touch-screen interface, WinScan promotes ease-of-use for a simplistic user experience. Expanding on standard register functionality, WinScan adds powerful reporting, signature tracking, and industry standard transaction support for SIGIS and PCI compliance.

Pharmacy Focused Point of Sale:

Completing the sale and gathering patient pickup information is the last step in a very robust workflow process, and it demands attention. WinScan is fully integrated with WinRx to provide mandatory pickup signatures and other state and federally mandated information.

Simplistic Operation:

With a touchscreen-centric user interface, the clerk can make the checkout process quick and efficient. Basic prompts like the pickup signature and schedule drug ID collection are smooth and require minimal clerk involvement.

Unlock Revenue:

Customer loyalty programs along with flexible sales conditions are each unique options to promote many departments within your pharmacy. Customer loyalty programs encourage your customers to make return trips to your pharmacy and are particularly useful for pharmacies with gift and other non-medical departments.



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Enhanced Customer Experience:

When the customer receives all the medication that is due to them on the first trip to the pharmacy and are greeted with a personalized response from the clerk (enabled by close integration with your patient file), then WinScan has succeeded. Making the patient feel known is a great way to reinforce that you are their community pharmacy and wellness center.

Strong Reporting:

With over fifteen years in the pharmacy point-of-sale market we understand that you must be able to report and measure your sales accurately. WinScan provides detailed reporting for your daily sales, drawer closeouts, and many other important areas.


WinScan has a dedicated delivery tracking section that allows you to create delivery tickets, assign tickets to drivers, and even optimize the route based on the shortest distance. Delivery status can be viewed in the point-of-sale or in WinRx. For locations that desire an electronic signature delivery option, WinScan Mobile is the iPad app for you. More information about WinScan Mobile is provided in the WinRx Connect section.