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WinRx Secure is an off-site (online) data backup service monitored by Computer-Rx support technicians. Like your traditional on-site backup, WinRx Secure backups are completed nightly. Once the initial full backup has completed, your nightly backups only include files that have changed, meaning your backups are quick and efficient.
Your pharmacy’s data is your livelihood.  Protect your data with secure BACKUPS TO THE CLOUD.

WinRx Secure is an automated off-site backup solution and protects data against hardware malfunction, accidental deletion, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters.

WinRx Secure, in all cases, creates, receives and transmits only encrypted data. WinRx Secure uses a three-tiered AES encryption system which encrypts data on the user’s computer, again in transit and finally when at rest in storage at the data centers.  This data cannot be read while in transit or even on the backup servers.

Backup servers are located in a SAS 70 II datacenters. These data centers are protected by gated access, 24x7x365 on-site staffed security and technicians, electronic card key access, and strategically placed security cameras both inside and outside the building. All data centers are tier three and tier four and the target reliability of each data center is 99.9 – 99.99%. 


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