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WinRx Central
Pharmacy in the Cloud


WinRx Central provides access to critical data from a central server on a real-time basis. This enables management to view live statistics on pharmacy productivity and sales trends instantly across all locations or pharmacy regions. With the growing trend in multi-site pharmacy ownership, this product is a must-have for any pharmacy manager that needs to have access and make changes across multiple pharmacies.

Centralized Reporting:

View, print, and export pharmacy sales, drug usage, and register sales reports for stores in the group. Compare year-to-year, month-to-month, and even day-to-day information to make better purchasing decisions and sales projections. Data can be combined for all stores or limited to individual stores. Reports can be sorted and filtered through powerful pivot tables, providing invaluable graphing opportunities.

Common A/R Accounts:

View account information, post charges, payments and credits, and print statements – all from the central office! Of course, day-to-day charges still occur in the individual stores at the register or during the fill (nursing homes).

Pricing Management:

Promote consistency in prescription pricing with central control of all pricing schemes company-wide. Make adjustments for select locations while not affecting your central price structure. Having this control can help you mitigate lost opportunities and understand random price changes at the pharmacy level.


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View and Reconcile Claims:

Remove the task of reconciling your insurance claims from the remote stores and manage the claims from your central office. With centralized insurance reconciliation, your accounting staff no longer has to remotely log into computers or make unnecessary trips to the individual pharmacies.

Database Maintenance:

WinRx Central gives you the opportunity to aggregate and control the quality of data so that you have consistent information across your store group. Update your data centrally and then push the updates out to your stores to ensure that everyone is up to date.