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Pharmacy Management


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Efficient Processing

With the fundamentals of WinRx aimed at the user experience and consistent screen offerings, the Windows-based program offers features to enhance this experience. Standard and 2D barcode reading, color image scanning, calculated day supplies, and pharmacist/tech quality assurance checks are just a few of the always evolving lineup of features.

Pharmacy Workflow Queue

A core foundation to the time saving features offered in WinRx is the collection of pharmacy workflow queues that present automated refills, third party Profit Watch, doctor authorization tracking, and will-call bin management.

Patient Management Tools

Patient adherence and compliance to prescribed medication is a central theme in the current wellness healthcare model. WinRx enables you to track the current and past adherence percentages of a patient and group patients by therapeutic classes. Partnered with the ability to utilize autofill/synchronization  and notification features such as text and email notifications, WinRx promotes a compliant and healthier patient.




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Business Management Tools

Inventory management and third party receivables represent over 95% of today’s independent pharmacy cash flow. WinRx offers industry leading options to track both areas and make sure you are receiving the funds and inventory that you require to operate most efficiently.

WinScan Point of Sale Integration

WinScan completes your pharmacy workflow process by providing total integration with your pharmacy data. WinScan automatically updates a prescription’s status when it is picked up and attaches a pickup signature, removing any guesswork regarding the whereabouts of an order.