Leo Fernandez

Clinical Pharmacist

I have used 20 plus software systems: chain, hospital, community and independent retail settings and by far Computer-Rx has been the absolute best. It’s been the most user friendly. It’s helped us monetize the business. The support staff has been amazing. And the company, as a whole, we’re in line as far as our beliefs of what this should look like.


Olivia York

Pharmacy Owner

I work in the office so I deal with all of the account management. I take care of our in-house charge accounts. It’s been absolutely the simplest transition. So that’s one of my favorite tools. The fact that it makes all of that very easy for me, and if I have questions they’re always answered immediately.


Kevin Teegarden

Pharmacy Owner

I took 5 years to make a change in pharmacy software from the time I started looking. And over those 5 years I looked at quite a few different pieces of pharmacy software. What made me change to Computer-Rx was the fact that I felt very comfortable with Roger and the group that I met at the time, the feedback that I received from other users, and also the simplicity of learning the software from the very start.